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Portrait Artist Mary Singer

My work involves many subjects and various media. I work primarily in oil on canvas and
board but I also work in acrlylic, mixed media, watercolor, pencil, pastels, colored pencil and pen and ink. I enjoy capturing the spirit of the subject. Portraying people, especially when that entails working from old photos, is a challenge that I always welcome. Pets are a favorite subject because I have always had a heart for them. Equine portraiture is a first love for me. Nature , scenic, flower trees and wildlife stirs my soul. Whether I am portraying a person , home or nature I am always driven to put ‘life’ into it.

My methods involve intense study of the subject. Ideally , I go to the client and observe, sketch and take my own photos. Observing the subject and doing life sketches ia always my first choice. I always do value sketches , working with the client to involve them in the process to assure satisfaction. I reach a point where I leave it alone for a while then go back to it with a “ fresh eye “ .

My work is primarily realistic but I employ impressionistic methods too. Mixing media is also enjoyable and allows me to add another dimension to the panting.. The area I live in is all the motivation I need. I take many of my photos of the Upper Mississippi River and the surrounding area. Many of my scenic paintings are area streams and backwaters.
Water is a theme that appears repeatedly in my work. My faith as a Christian is reflected in the constant use of and appreciation for nature. The Upper Midwest is one of the most
Beautiful anywhere.

I have a studio at my home and sell my work at galleries and gift shops, art shows and the Internet. Minnesota artists at and are just a couple of the links that I am associated with. I have fine art prints of animals in limited and open editions. My designs are being reproduced on etched mirrors by Master Visions of Minneapolis,MN, , clothing and various other products. I have work at Wildes Art Gallery in Tomah, WI, Picadilly Gallery and Frame , Minn.City, MN among others. Please call, write or e-mail me for further information or you may order direct from my web site.

Singer Art Studio
125 N. Baker St.
Winona, MN 55987-2235
Tele. (507) - 454 – 4047 Email:

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